10 Interesting Facts about Bricks You Should Know
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  • 10 Interesting Facts about Bricks You Should Know

    10 Interesting Facts about Bricks You Should Know


    Bricks are one of these things we hardly give a second thought to yet they play such a vital role in so many things. In the home, they are essential to a safe and durable brick fireplace and chimney. The type of brick masonry you choose, how you maintain them and the way they are installed can mean the difference between a warm, cozy fire and a headache you have to spend thousands repairing.

    Here are 10 interesting facts you probably never knew about bricks:

    1. The most common type of bricks are made from clay. The clay is heated to over a thousand degrees centigrade.

    2. Different bricks are made for different purposes. There are water-repellant bricks. Bricks that are specifically crafted to handle extreme temperatures. Bricks for a masonry fireplace. And even decorative bricks which add style to a stone façade.

    3. Red bricks get their color from the iron used to make them. Bricks made with higher temperature firings are often darker in color too!

    4. Bricks made with higher temperature firings are often darker in color!

    5. The indentation on the surface of a brick is called a frog.

    6. In 200 BC, workers used 8 million bricks to create the Great Wall of China.

    7. Bricks for the house market are often considered one of the MOST durable building products available.

    8. A quality chimney brick should have good thermal shock resistance to support the brick fireplace.

    9. Bricks help create great energy efficiency. They can hold sunlight through the daytime and release that energy at nighttime.

    10. A water repellant seal can be used on bricks exposed to the elements. This sealant can help them withstand heavy rainfalls.

    My guess is that you will never look at a brick the same way again. At Lindemann Chimney Service, we are experts at knowing everything about brickwork. From tuckpointing to complete chimney rebuilds, our expertise on the standard brick fireplace is second to none. For more information on everything chimney related, follow the Lindemann Chimney Service’s blog. We love to keep our customers informed on the latest and greatest news when it comes to their home fireplace.

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