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  • 10 Tips for Fireplace Usage

    10 Tips for Fireplace Usage


    Fireplaces create warmth and ambiance. They are the perfect centerpiece for social gatherings. Here’s 10 very important tips for using a woodburning fireplace:

    1. Always use a spark screen in front of the fireplace. Embers can travel more than two feet and can ignite combustible materials.
    2. Use just a few logs and position them so they won’t fall off. Rolling logs that are hot or ignited can cause a fire.
    3. Always dispose of the ashes in a metal ash container with a tightly fitting lid. Ashes can remail hot for days and can ignite combustibles nearby.
    4. Store your firewood out of the elements and burn good dry wood. Wet wood will take longer to ignite because the moisture must be driven off first.
    5. Burn seasoned wood that has “check-marks” on the ends. If you are a Lindemann Chimney Sweep Customers you can get free wood for life. Click here.
    6. Try not to burn only softwoods like firs and pines. If possible, mix in hardwoods or burn only hardwoods.
    7. Never use anything to start a fire unless it is approved as a fire starter. Flammable chemicals like gas can cause an explosion.
    8. Have a chimney cap. Sparks can travel from the flue and ignite a roof or other nearby combustibles. A chimney cap/top damper combination will save you in heating costs.
    9. Purchase good fireplace tools. You will get many years of use from them.
    10. Make sure to get your chimney inspected and cleaned annually.

    Enjoy your fireplace and use it often!


    Woodburning fireplace with spark screen

    Posted by Karen Stickels Lamansky, Author of Design Ideas for Fireplaces, Published by Creative Homeowner Press.

    By Rob Lindemann

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