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  • 3 Bad Habits that Lead to Creosote Buildup

    3 Bad Habits that Lead to Creosote Buildup


    Is your fireplace smelly or do you experience a lot of smoke when using it?  If so, your chimney may be filled with a large amount of creosote buildup.  This sticky, tar-like substance is the combustible byproduct of the burning process.  If left untreated, a creosote-filled flue can be plagued with smoky, stinky fires and may even lead to a chimney fire.  While you may not be able to avoid all creosote buildup there are ways to lessen the amount that forms in the flue.

    Below are 3 bad habits which lead to creosote buildup.  Dirty Chimney

    1. The biggest culprit to creosote buildup is a restricted air space.  Keeping the damper too closed or closing the glass doors on the fireplace can trap heated smoke in the chimney preventing it from exiting the flue.  When the smoke is trapped, it leaves a lingering residue on the flue’s walls leading to faster creosote accumulation.
    2. A cold chimney can also lead to greater creosote buildup.  The cooler temperature allows the creosote to condense more rapidly than normal.  This is especially prevalent in metal-fabricated chimneys that are less able to hold heat in.
    3. Using unseasoned firewood is also another bad habit that leads to larger creosote problems.  Unseasoned hardwood is often wet which requires more heat initially to remove the moisture buildup.  This results in a cooler fire which in turn creates more condensation of the creosote.  Unseasoned hardwood also tends to create more smoke than its seasoned counterpart. 

    Avoiding these bad habits will help keep your chimney’s flue in proper working order.  Another way to enjoy a safe, smoke-free fire is by having your chimney cleaned annually by a certified sweep.  Lindemann Chimney Service has been offering professional chimney cleanings and inspections since 1969.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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