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  • 3 DIY Chimney Mistakes to Avoid

    3 DIY Chimney Mistakes to Avoid


    Many homeowners enjoy completing DIY projects around the home. For the most part, the risk involved with doing your own work is minimal. Sure you may be left with a less than perfect job but rarely does this lead to serious dangers inside the home. Chimney work is one of the exceptions. Haphazardly doing these types of repairs can lead to more serious consequences.

    Here are common chimney DIY mistakes to avoid:

    DIY Mistake #1 – Applying New Caulk over Existing Caulk
    Many chimney jobs require a re-caulking of the area. What most homeowners failed to do is remove the old caulk before applying new. Caulk requires a smooth, clean surface to adhere to or it can be more prone to cracking or lifting away. When old caulk is left behind, the new material doesn’t hold as well.

    DIY Mistake #2 – Relying Solely on Sweep Logs to Clean Chimney
    While sweep logs or other chimney cleaners may help loosen the buildup on the walls, they do not actually clean the flue. The only way to ensure your fireplace is safe to use is to have an annual chimney cleaning completed. This involves not only loosening the creosote and other buildup but also removing it completely from the flue.

    DIY Mistake #3 – Spackling Cracks in the Chimney Yourself
    Cracks in the chimney flue and liner require more than just a simple spackling job. The liner and flue is what protects dangerous carbon monoxide from entering into the living space. Only a knowledgeable professional has the experience necessary to safely and securely repair the cracks inside the chimney walls.

    With the health and safety of your family and home at stake, don’t take the risk of completing your own chimney repairs. Hire the professional team at Lindemann Chimney Service to expertly complete the work for you. Our technicians are trained in offering complete, thorough chimney services. From a simple cleaning and inspection to a complete chimney rebuild, we can help with projects of any size.

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