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  • 3 Must-Have Accessories for Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

    3 Must-Have Accessories for Your Wood-Burning Fireplace


    A wood-burning fireplace can be a great feature to the home.  Offering a warm, comforting fire during colder nights, fireplaces can add to the ambiance of any room.  But these units do come with some upkeep.  Removing ash, keeping the ambers burning, and protecting the rest of the home from fire are all additional responsibilities that come along with a wood-burning fireplace.  Fortunately, there are many tools on the market today to make these chores easy to accomplish.

    Here are three of the most essential fireplace accessories every homeowner should have:Cozy Fire

    1. Coal/Pellet Bucket – When the fire is finally out, you need to have a safe, secure way to dispose of the ash left behind.  Coal and pellet buckets are a great way to accomplish this.  Look for one with a double insulated bottom that can withstand the heat of the ashThere are also no-mess ash boxes available to help cleanly and safely move the debris outdoors.
    2. Tool Sets – Tool sets are a must for tending to your fireplace.  A good quality set should have a broom, poker, shovel, and tongs.  Some models are free-standing while others can be wall-mounted.  Tool sets also come in a variety of aesthetics such as arts and crafts style and contemporary to ensure you can find a match to your unique home.
    3. Fireplace Screen – Fireplace screens come in many varieties from practical spark guards to more decorative three-fold screens.  What they all have in common though is their ability to block ash and sparks from entering into the living space.  They also prevent small children and pets from coming in contact with the burning flames.  You may even want to consider summer screens allowing you to add a decorative touch to the hearth when it’s not in use.

    At Lindemann Chimney Service, we offer a large selection of fireplace accessories to our valued customers.  Visit our website to learn more about the screens, tools sets, and ash buckets we carry.  You can also ask your technician during their next visit which products they feel would best suit your home.  Visit our Lindemann Fireplace Shop to learn more.

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