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  • 4 Great Solutions for Indoor Firewood Storage

    4 Great Solutions for Indoor Firewood Storage


    Is the space around your fireplace a mess because of how your firewood is stored?  Most homeowners find outside storage easy to manage since the wood is kept out of the living space but inside the home is often a whole other story.  Not only does proper indoor wood storage lead to less debris to clean up, it also makes for a safer environment within the home.Wood Storage

    Here are four great solutions for properly storing firewood inside the home:  

    1. Canvas Bags – Canvas bags are a functional approach to firewood storage.  Just carry the bag outside to load up and then store inside to keep your logs staying put while being easily accessible.
    2. Decorative Tubs & Baskets – Decorative tubs and baskets are easy to both use and store.  A mesh tub can be brought outside to fill and then brought inside to use.  Baskets are great solutions for homes with less space to store the container.
    3. Wood & Log Holders – Wood and log holders come in many designs from cottage to country and more.  These storage options also allow room for tool storage making them a duel-functioning investment.
    4. Wood Hoops – Wood hoops are circular in appearance and offer a simplistic yet stylish approach to storage.  Options can be found in wrought iron or other durable metals and in varying heights.

    No matter how you decide to store your firewood, it is always best to keep a limited supply inside.  A good rule is to store no more than 2 burns worth of wood at any one time.  Too much kept inside the home creates a fire hazard.

    Did you know Lindemann Chimney Service not only provides quality chimney inspections and cleanings but also hearth accessories?  Visit our Fireplace Shop to learn more about the many products we carry.  You can also ask any one of our technicians about a good storage solution for your home next time they visit.

    Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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