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  • 4 Reasons Why Your Flue Needs a Chimney Cap

    4 Reasons Why Your Flue Needs a Chimney Cap


    Installing a quality chimney cap can be one of the best ways to help the system run more efficiently and safely. By simply installing this single product, homeowners can address a number of issues they may be experiencing inside their home. Whether you are lacking a cap to begin with or simply need to replace an existing one, there are many benefits to investing in a new chimney cap today.

    Here are 4 benefits to topping your flue with a chimney cap:

    Caps can reduce leaks. When rainwater hits the roof, it needs somewhere to go. If the flue is left unprotected, these streams can enter through the opening and leak into the home. This can then lead to excess moisture which, left untreated, can result in mold and mildew growth. Top the flue with a cap to prevent this water from entering the home.

    Caps help cure draft problems. Wind-induced drafts can be a frustrating problem for homeowners wanting to enjoy a warm fire. If the wind is blowing a certain direction, a downdraft can flow through the flue blowing smoke into the living space. Caps can lessen or even eliminate these drafts allowing for a more efficient fire.

    Caps deflect lit sparks & embers from landing on the roof. Caps are often referred to as “spark arrestors” for their ability to prevent lit embers and sparks from landing on the roof. It protects the home from possibly catching on fire especially during the dry, summer months.

    Caps prevent animal infestations. Birds, squirrels, and even raccoons love to take refuge in a warm, cozy chimney flue. Unfortunately their nests and droppings can clog the space leading to smoke inside the home, inefficient burns, or even chimney fires. A cap can prevent their access to the inside of your flue.

    When installing a quality chimney cap for your flue, trust an expert team such as Lindemann Chimney Service to complete the work for you. We can measure your existing flue and advise you on the best cap to fit your needs. We can also suggest cap models to address specific issues you are experiencing such as strong drafts. Our technicians work with each homeowner to ensure that every new chimney cap installed is the best fit for their unique chimney system.

    Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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