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  • 4 Simple Steps to Start Saving

    4 Simple Steps to Start Saving


    We all like to save some cash where we can, right?  With the holidays quickly approaching, keeping our expenses and utility bills low is a great way to squirrel away some money for the gift-giving season.

    This winter, use your fireplace to get your balance sheet in order.  There are many creative things you can do to reduce your heating bill while keeping a roaring fire in the living room.  Here are four steps you can incorporate in your home today!

    1. Close the doors to other rooms when using the fireplace.  It’s been proven that burning a fire in one room makes the other rooms colder prompting the furnace to kick in.
    2. Keep the fireplace and chimney clean.  This allows for a greater supply of oxygen to reach the fire letting the wood burn better and creating a warm, efficient blaze.
    3. Circulate the warm air using a ceiling fan.   During the winter, set your blades to turn forward in a clockwise motion.  If you don’t have a ceiling fan in the space, you can bring in a small box fan placed near the fireplace to circulate that warm air.
    4. Don’t let the firewood get wet.  Soggy firewood is a recipe for disaster when trying to start a fire.  Make sure your wood is protected from the elements or use a tarp to cover it.

    If you still need to have your chimney cleaned before the heating season than I have good news – You still have time!  A thorough chimney cleaning by a professional is by far the best way to have your fire burning efficiently while keeping your family and home safe.

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    By Rob Lindemann

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