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  • 4 Steps to a Cleaner Gas Fireplace

    4 Steps to a Cleaner Gas Fireplace


    We often hear a lot about how important a thorough chimney sweep can be to a wood-burning fireplace. Homeowners have a wealth of information available to them about the dangers of excessive creosote buildup and how it can lead to in-home chimney fires. But what about those with gas units? While the need for regular cleanings is greatly reduced with a gas fireplace, these type of systems still require some level of care.

    Follow these four steps to clean your gas fireplace:

    Step 1. Turn off the Gas
    Before beginning any work on a gas fireplace always ensure that the gas line is turned off to the unit. Also make sure the unit has cooled since its last use.

    Step 2. Clean the Glass
    You first want to clean the fireplace’s front glass. If possible, remove the glass. Spray a non-ammonia based cleaner onto a soft cloth and begin wiping down the surface. You can even make your own cleaner using 1 part distilled vinegar and 1 part water. Always spray any cleaning solution onto the soft cloth and never directly on the glass. Spraying directly onto the glass can cause overspray to land on the metal vents and other surroundings corroding them. Replace the glass when finished.

    Step 3. Vacuum Debris
    Using a vacuum’s dusting attachment, gently remove any dust or particulars from the space. Gas logs are delicate so make sure that the vacuum’s suction isn’t too strong. If you are worried about disrupting them, use a paint brush to loosen and remove the unwanted debris.

    Step 4. Check for Proper Position
    Before closing the unit, check that the gas logs are back into their proper position. Do a visual inspection of all components looking for evidence of corrosion or rust. If any is found, contact a professional for further inspection. Close the unit’s glass door locking it into place.

    If you are begin having problems starting or maintaining a fire in your gas fireplace, contact the team at Lindemann Chimney Service for help. We can inspect the unit and check for any issues that may be preventing you from enjoying a warm fire. If necessary, we will suggest the best next step and complete any necessary repairs with your permission. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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