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  • 5 Benefits of a Good Chimney Cap

    5 Benefits of a Good Chimney Cap


    There are so many aspects of a chimney and fireplace to keep up on. You want to make sure the flue is clean. You consistently check the brickwork and chimney crown. And don’t forget the importance of making sure the fireplace itself looks great in the living space.

    Another part of the system to consider is the chimney cover also known as the chimney cap. Chimney caps play a significant role in the overall function of the system. They serve many useful and essential purposes you may have never even known. If you weren’t familiar with the importance of the chimney cover before, now is the time to learn more.

    Here are 5 benefits of good chimney caps:

    1. Prevents animals from entering the flue – Birds, bees, and even raccoons seek refuge in chimney flues. Once they set up shop, your chimney can experience blockages not to mention animal droppings, feathers and more. Keep these critters out by topping your flue with the protective barrier of a good cap.
    2. Saves your home from leaks – A good chimney flue cap keeps rainwater from entering the system. This is helpful in reducing the likelihood of leaks inside the home. When water penetrates the flue, homeowners can experience drips into the attic, ceilings, walls and more.
    3. Controls the room temperate – Chimney caps are also useful for controlling the interior room temperature. In the winter, they can keep warm, heated air in and artic air out. During summer, they prevent your cooled air from escaping through the flue.
    4. Stops drafts and smoky fires – Want to enjoy a smoke-free fire? Chimney caps reduce windy drafts from flaring your flames leading to a smoky, smelly living space. A good cap allows you to enjoy a more steady and enjoyable fire all season long.
    5. Reduces clogs and blockages – One of the biggest culprits in a blocked flue is leaves and branches. Keep them out of there by topping your chimney with a quality cap. It can act as a barrier between the inside of the flue and wet leaves, twigs and more.

    Chimney topper. Chimney flue cap. Chimney cover. No matter what you call it having a quality cap in place is critical to the overall health of your chimney system. If you aren’t certain on the condition of yours, contact the expert team at Lindemann Chimney Service for help.

    Lindemann Chimney Service installs, replaces and services chimney caps for customers throughout the Chicago area. From the top of the crown to the bottom of your flue, we have your chimney needs covered. Let us help ensure your system is working at peak performance.

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