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  • 5 Common Chimney Ailments

    5 Common Chimney Ailments


    We often don’t think much of our chimney’s overall health until problems begin occurring. While there can be dozens of reasons why your home may be experiencing issues at the hearth, there are 5 common ailments homeowners should be aware of. Learning the typical problems that chimneys experience, we can be proactive in our approach to servicing and maintaining our home’s systems.

    Here are 5 common chimney ailments:

    1. Creosote Buildup – Creosote, a natural by-product of combustion, occurs from the smoke created while burning wood. Highly flammable, creosote must be removed on a regular basis as a hazardous buildup of it can lead to deadly chimney fires.
    1. Damaged Chimney Crowns & Caps – Whether you have a chimney crown or cap, cracks in these areas can allow moisture to enter into the chimney wreaking havoc on the system. A cap in disrepair can also allow animals and other critters from entering into the chimney.
    1. Chimney RepairFlue Fractures – The chimney flue, the lining protecting your home from fire, can become cracked and fractured when creosote or moisture deteriorates its surface. Any cracks in the lining, when left untreated, can make your home more prone to fire.
    1. Chimney Blockage – Sweeping the chimney annually removes creosote and other buildup from the flue walls. Not only does this keep your fire burning cleaner, it can also help prevent chimney fires from occurring within the home.
    1. Crumbling or Deteriorating Brickwork – Crumbling brickwork is often a sign of a neglected chimney and can lead to instability of the chimney unit. If left untreated, the chimney could eventually collapse due to lack of support. Chimney sweeps often perform tuckpointing, a procedure in which damaged mortar is replaced.

    If you are experiencing any of these common chimney ailments or other similar problems, contact our service team at Lindemann Chimney Service today. Using cutting-edge technology along with experience in the industry, we can help fix the issue before it creates even more headaches for your home. Servicing by a trained technician will ensure your fireplace is in proper working order, safe to use and enjoy in the home.

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