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  • 5 Steps to Start a Perfect Fire

    5 Steps to Start a Perfect Fire


    Creating a fire that will burn cleanly and efficiently for a long period of time is easier than you may think.  Although many attempt to master the skill, a good portion of them achieve only lackluster results.  Fortunately there are some tried and true methods to starting a great fire each and every time.

    Follow these 5 steps to bring the warmth back into your living space:

    1. Open the damper completely to create a draft.  If you have a newer or tightly-sealed home you may also need to crack a window.  Air is an essential component to starting and maintaining a fire.  If you had problems in the past, it may due to lack of airflow.

    2. Place fatwood or other appropriate kindling near the back of the fireplace on a sturdy fireplace grate.  Do not place kindling together too tightly – crisscross the pieces to allow spaces in-between.

    3. Place the larger wood on top of the kindling.  Dry, seasoned hardwood is best for reducing smoke and lessening buildup within the chimney.  Keeping adding logs until the unit is about 2/3 full.  

    4. Now it’s time to light the fire using a match or long-reach lighter.  Never use lighter fluid, gasoline, or ignition liquids in your fireplace.  They are not only unnecessary but can lead to dangerous house fires or explosions.

    5. Once the fire has been effectively started, keep it going by adding logs as needed.  Timing is important – add the logs before the fire gets too low or you risk having to restart the process.

    Burning an efficient, warm fire not only creates a relaxing environment for your family to enjoy but also keeps your chimney safe from creosote buildup.  Adequate airflow and proper combustion are two critical factors to a clean burn.  Keep your chimney in proper working order allowing for a perfect burn every time by having it cleaned annually by a certified professional such as Lindemann Chimney Service.  Trusted since 1969, we provide the area’s best chimney services and repairs.

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