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  • 7 Interesting Facts about Spalling

    7 Interesting Facts about Spalling


    Spalling is a common problem we see at Lindemann Chimney Service.  Spalling occurs when moisture permeates a porous material causing it to deteriorate.  This results in chipping, flaking, or falling pieces.  In the case of chimneys, this often plagues the brickwork and, left untreated, could lead to a larger collapse of the area’s masonry work.   While most people can notice when bricks are falling from their home’s exterior, few are knowledgeable on what spalling actually is.  

    spaldingHere are 7 interesting facts you should know about spalling:

    1.    Brick is prone to a specific type of spalling called salt spalling.  This weathering often occurs in porous materials when dissolved salt carried into the material by water is deposited and crystallizes inside.   The salt crystals than expand causing spalling to occur. 

    2.    Spalling can occur on more than just chimneys.  Sidewalks, foundation walls, and masonry blocks can also experience this problem.

    3.    The chimney shows damage from spalling earlier than other areas because it is more exposed to the elements.

    4.    Spalling can occur not only on the outside of the chimney but also on the inside and could lead to blockages within the flue.

    5.    Spalling damage is most severe in the northern United States due to the freeze and thaw cycle during winter months.

    6.    The type of bricks you use matters.  Softer bricks are more prone to water permeation but are often a more cost-effective building material than harder types of bricks.

    7.    A professionally installed chimney cap can be an effective way to keep water (and animals) out of the chimney.

    Is your chimney’s exterior plagued by spalling?  It is important to address the issue as soon as you notice it occuring.  Leaving the problem unaddressed can lead to larger, more costly damage to the structure.  Contact Lindemann Chimney Service today to schedule a free estimate on the repair work. 

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