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  • All About Firebacks

    All About Firebacks


    Want to increase your fireplace’s heat efficiency and add style to your home at the same time?  Consider adding a fireback to your fireplace unit. A fireback is a decorative cast iron piece that is placed on the back wall of the fireplace.  It helps radiate the heat that would otherwise be lost while also protecting the masonry on the unit’s back.  Not only are firebacks attractive, they also are a great way to keep the room warm while adding beauty to the hearth.

    A Rich History – Firebacks were first used nearly 600 years ago in 15th century AD.  During this time period, a wood-burning fire was a home’s main source of heat.  Firebacks helped radiate the warmth of the fire more efficiently throughout the room.  To add more style to their homes, many used common items such as rope and pieces of furniture to stamp designs into the firebacks.  As culture progressed, important religious events and nature scenes were added along with mythological characters and coat of arms.  The onset of the coal boom all but eliminated the need to use wood as the main heating source and, as a result, fireback use declined as well. Firebacks though have continued to be popular in both England and the US. 

    Today’s Fireback – Today’s fireback may be slightly different from the ones our ancestors used over 600 years ago.  Lucky for us though they continue to offer the same function and form as they did back then.  Models are still constructed from durable cast iron and often feature a black matte finish.  Many are molded with decorative motifs and some specialty manufacturers even offer replicas of popular historic designs used centuries ago.  Firebacks are also flexible and can be used in both gas and wood burning units.  Most firebacks range in price from $200 to $600.  

    Lindemann Chimney Service not only provides expert chimney cleanings and repairs but also quality products and supplies for your fireplace.  We offer nearly a dozen decorative firebacks ranging from traditional designs to modern simplicity.  Our team can help you select one that fits your space while professionally installing the unit so it can be enjoyed for years to come. 

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