Animals on the Prowl – Don't Forget About Your Chimney Caps!
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  • Animals on the Prowl – Don’t Forget About Your Chimney Caps!

    Animals on the Prowl – Don’t Forget About Your Chimney Caps!


    Woodland creatures — like squirrels, raccoons, opossums, owls, etc. — are on a constant hunt for a warm, snug spot to build a nest and call home. To these animals, an open chimney fits the bill just right. Once a critter sets up shop inside your chimney, it can wreck all sorts of havoc, but luckily, there’s a specific device to prevent your home from gaining these unwanted tenants: a chimney cap.

    Without a cap, a chimney sits open and unprotected, creating a prime opportunity for animals to make their way inside. By themselves, an animal in a chimney will potentially block the flue, or even find its way completely inside, dropping unannounced into a family or living room through a faulty damper. However, critters are rarely alone, bringing with them mites and bugs in their fur, as well as sticks, twigs, dried leaves, and other nest-building debris that can clog a chimney, with the possibility of preventing smoke from properly venting through the chimney.

    According to the Humane Society of the United States, chimney caps are an excellent way to keep animals (in this specific case, squirrels, but the advice applies universally) out of your chimney, and back in nature, where they can thrive without harming your home. When looking for the right cap for your chimney, make sure it has grating small enough to keep out smaller animals, but large enough that it still allows for the open passage of air and smoke from your fireplace. Additionally, make sure that the cap is made from a rust-proof material, such as galvanized steel, as it will be in contact with the outside elements. For added precaution, if there are multiple flues in your home, it could be worthwhile installing a cap on each flue.

    If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a woodland roommate in your chimney, make sure to contact the local animal control. Dealing with a wild creature yourself carries several risks, and a professional can safely remove and relocate the animal more efficiently.

    To best avoid finding unwanted furry “friends” in your chimney, and to make sure the right chimney cap is correctly installed on your chimney the first time around, reach out to Lindemann Chimney & Fireplace at (847)739-4199or schedule from the comfort of your computer online.  

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