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  • Are Freezing Temperatures Damaging Your Chimneys Mortar?

    Are Freezing Temperatures Damaging Your Chimneys Mortar?


    One of the most common problems that affect the exterior of a chimney is damage caused by freezing precipitation. Many older homes will experience some level of water damage during the life of the chimney. Unfortunately some newer homes can also experience these symptoms due to insufficient maintenance of the structure. These damages can lead to spalling of the brickwork, leaks into the home or worse. The best way to protect a newer chimney is to know the signs to watch for while taking preventive steps to better protect its mortar.

    Signs of Mortar Deterioration

    • Chips or divots of brick missing from the surface
    • Broken bricks
    • Cracks or holes on the chimney structure
    • Water damage to the interior walls or other areas surrounding the chimney

    Preventing Damage during Winter

    • One of the best ways to prevent premature water damage is by hiring a professional to waterproof the system. This is done by applying a 100% vapor-permeable waterproofing formula to the masonry work.
    • To further prevent damage during winter, it is important to keep excessive amounts of water from entering the chimney top. A quality chimney cap is an effective tool that, once installed, helps keep rain, snow and even pesky critters out of your chimney flue.
    • Having the system regularly inspected can help uncover underlying issues that can make the system more prone to damage. During the inspection, a certified sweep will examine common areas prone to water damage including the flashing, chimney crown, and surrounding areas.

    Lindemann Chimney Supply wants to help protect your chimney from water damage during this winter season. Contact us today to have your chimney cleaned and inspected by one of our certified technicians. We also offer waterproofing services as well as chimney repairs and rebuilds in the Chicago area. Our team of qualified sweeps is ready to assist with any of your cold weather chimney needs.

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