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  • Are You Ready for the Holidays?

    Are You Ready for the Holidays?


    Family and friends will soon be gathering around your hearth to enjoy both companionship and warmth. Is your fireplace and chimney ready for the attention?



    Colder temperatures lead to greater use of our fireplaces and woodstoves to supplement heat and create an inviting atmosphere for guests and family alike. Yet, we must be careful with open flames and hot stoves.

    Here are a couple things to keep in mind as the Holiday Season gets started:

    • Be aware of what is placed on a mantel above a fireplace.
      One common mishap occurs when the heat from the fireplace causes a Greeting Card to fall.
    • Keep watch of young children and pets around active fireplaces.
      Protective Glass or Grating can heat up enough to cause severe burns.

    To help prepare for the season be sure you’ve had your Annual Chimney Cleaning and Safety Inspection. A thorough cleaning and Video Inspection of your Chimney will catch any possible flaws or dangerous conditions. When you have a professional in your home, be sure to ask them about any safety concerns you may have.

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