Oak Park Chimney Sweep & Fireplace Refacing and Installation

Oak Park Chimney Sweep & Fireplace Services

Lindemann provides full-service fireplace, chimney sweep, chimney repair and restoration services to customers in Oak Park. We are proud to have served over 890 customers in Oak Park, and over 66,114 customers in the surrounding Cook County area. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best customer care and technical service, aligned with our core company values.

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Zip codes served: 60301, 60302, 60303, 60304

115,422 Customers Served in Illinois

66,114 Customers Served in Cook County

890 Customers Served In Oak Park

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Reviews From Oak Park

Magda P review on July 5, 2020

Great service as always. Technician came had mask and gloves. On time and clean.

Wendy J review on December 16, 2016

Quick and clean! we’re happily using our now functional fireplace. Not the cheapest but I’d hazard to say they’re the best