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  • Autumn is a Great Time for a Chimney Sweep

    Autumn is a Great Time for a Chimney Sweep


    Falling leaves and crisp mornings are here and so is one of the best seasons for a chimney sweep. Is your chimney ready and safe to use?  Autumn is a great time to have your chimney and fireplace cleaned and serviced.  Completing these tasks before the cooler temperatures arrive ensures your hearth is ready to warm your home for another winter season.

    Chimney InspectionA thorough chimney cleaning and inspection is critical to burning a safe, clean fire.  During the process, the sweep will use specialized tools and brushes to remove combustible buildup called creosote from the surface. This is important in preventing chimney fires.  They will also examine both the exterior and interior of the chimney system noting any areas of concern. 

    A great reason to have your chimney inspected and cleaned during Autumn is because its gives you time to have unexpected repairs completed before winter comes.   The  season’s weather is also better for those having to complete your chimney services.  Rather than technicians having to climb on slippery roof tops,  they can move quickly and efficiently during weather more conducive to working outdoors.

    At Lindemann Chimney Service, we have a fully-trained staff of professional technicians ready to help get your chimney and fireplace ready for the heating season. We offer complete, professional cleanings and inspections at affordable prices.  Contact us today to schedule your service before Old Man Winter arrives once again.

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