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  • BTU's of Common Firewood

    BTU's of Common Firewood


    At Lindemann Chimney Service, we have often been asked about the best type of firewood to burn. The answer is usually hardwoods that are properly cut, split and dried. Hardwoods tend to provide the longest burning coals and burn most efficiently. Softwoods can be used but it’s extra important that they are properly dried because they have a lower BTU content and if the wood is wet, it “saps” some of the BTU value. Also, wood cut when the sap content is high can not only change the BTU value, but can also lead to “snapping and sparking” when the wood is burned. And remember, if you are a Lindemann Chimney Service chimney cleaning customer you are part of our “Free Wood For Life” program (see packaged wood, below). For more information, click here or call us at 847-450-0552.


    Here’s a table with some of the most common types of wood and their BTU content:

    Wood Type BTU’S
    Rock Elm 32,000
    Shagbark Hickory 30,600
    White Oak 30,600
    Sugar Maple 29,000
    Beech 27,800
    Red Oak 27,300
    Yellow Birch 26,200
    Red Elm 25,400
    White Ash 25,000
    White Birch 23,400
    Silver Maple 21,700
    Balsam Poplar 17,260
    White Pine 17,100
    White Cedar 16,300
    White Spruce 16,200
    Balsam Fir 15,500

    Never burn your Christmas Tree, Boughs, decorations, wrapping paper, cardboard, driftwood, chemically enhanced wood, plastics, salt or anything other than wood in your fireplace. The exception would be a commercial log but closely follow instructions to make sure you don’t have any problems arise.

    Posted by Karen Stickels Lamansky, Author of Design Ideas for Fireplaces, published by Creative Homeowner Press

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