Hiring a Chimney Cleaner? Why They Should Always be Certified
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  • Hiring a Chimney Cleaner? Why They Should Always be Certified

    Hiring a Chimney Cleaner? Why They Should Always be Certified


    If you look up the term “chimney sweep” online, you will come across various companies and people who claim to be professionals. Anyone can call themselves chimney sweeps, but not anyone can earn their certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America. A chimney cleaning from a CSIA-certified sweep provides more peace of mind because you can be certain that the individual providing the service is well-trained.

    Certified Chimney Cleaning Companies Have More Education

    Before you hire someone to perform a chimney cleaning, fireplace inspection, or even chimney repair, be sure they are certified by the CSIA. In order to earn this certification, individuals must complete an entire course based on chimney safety, and they must take rigorous 90-minute exams proving that they have learned everything they need to know to keep you safe during that course. A non-certified chimney sweep cannot be verified, and they may not have the same level of education.

    Certified Individuals are Required to Keep Learning

    Once a chimney cleaning professional has earned his or her certification, it is not a lifelong privilege. In fact, to maintain that certification, individuals must recertify each year. They must pay fees, and they must renew their credentials, as well. To do it, they must be able to prove they have worked a specific number of hours during the previous certification year, or they must show completion of courses designed to improve their knowledge of chimney safety.

    Dedication to Your Safety

    When a professional goes out of his or her way to earn a credential, even when it is not legally required to do so, he or she has demonstrated the importance of safety. These individuals want to provide you with the very best experience, and they are willing to put their time and money into being the best they can be. While a non-certified chimney cleaning professional may have experience, a certified professional has experience and education, which says a lot about his or her dedication to your safety.

    Better Tools and Experience

    Certified chimney sweeps know the difference between professional-grade tools and those you can buy in your local hardware store. When your chimney cleaning involves the best tools in the industry, the job is more thorough. In fact, some tools can even do more harm than good, especially when they are used by professionals who haven’t been properly trained. Always hire a CSIA-certified chimney professional for this reason.

    Higher Standards

    Professionals do not obtain certification for no reason. They do so because they want to hold themselves to high standards set forth by the certifying agency. Once they have that certification, it is important to them to utilize everything they’ve learned about chimneys, fireplace inspection, repairs, and overall safety to do their jobs. In fact, most homeowners call upon CSIA-certified professionals for this very reason.

    A certification is more than just a piece of paper. It is proof that the certified chimney cleaning professional takes his or her career – and your safety – seriously enough to learn and keep learning in the future. You have your choice of companies, but your safety and the quality of the work depends on CSIA certification.

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