Chicago Leaky Chimney

Chicago Leaky Chimney

As the snow begins to melt and spring rains batter your home, you may notice water damage inside your home caused by a leaky roof. Before you call a roofer, make sure the problem is NOT your chimney. Many roof leaks occur where the seam of the roof and the chimney meet. A roofer may recommend complete home shingling which can cost thousands of dollars. A far better option is to contact a chimney professional to fix your roof leak and avoid the high cost of reroofing your home.

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At Lindemann Chimney Co, we will ensure your roof and chimney remains leak proof. We are happy to fix your leaky roof in addition to sealing and waterproofing to prevent future leaks and damage. Furthermore, our expert masons can repair damaged brick and mortar caused by cold freezing winters and hot muggy summers to further avoid penetration of water into the home.

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Before you call a roofer – call an expert chimney professional for inspection and avoid costly roofing repairs. Call us now at 847-739-4199 to discuss your chimney and roof repair needs!

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