Chimney Caps to Keep Out Animals | How to Remove Birds From Chimney
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  • Chimney Caps Keep Out Animals!

    Chimney Caps Keep Out Animals!


    In addition to preventing the entry of rain, snow and debris in the Northern Chicago area, chimney caps deter animals from nesting in chimneys. Let Lindemann Chimney Service help you with this problem.


    In the springtime animals instinctively search for a nice warm, quiet place to have their young. At one time the ideal place was a hollow tree. With today’s urban environment merging with wildlife and hollow trees becoming scarce many animals now choose chimneys.

    Birds, squirrels, raccoons and bats are some of the most common chimney nesters. Along with having their young in chimneys they also bring in straw, grass, sticks and other combustible materials to create their nest.

    Fireplaces are the most popular type of chimney because there is a smoke shelf that sits behind your fireplace damper. It’s the perfect place for nesting critters. Sometimes they can get into the house and tear it up, not to mention leaving sooty tracks everywhere.

    Avoid having noisy, sooty animals in your home. Give us a call for more information on keeping animals out of the chimney. If conditions are right we might even be able to install a chimney top mounting damper that seals in heat and air-conditioning saving money.

    To contact us for information on keeping animals out of your chimney please call 847-739-4199 or click here to contact us regarding animal removal and chimney caps.

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