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  • Chimney Cleaning Myths Debunked

    Chimney Cleaning Myths Debunked


    How much do we really know about chimney cleanings?  What we think is fact may actually be rooted in past misconceptions and untruths passed on from homeowner to homeowner for decades.  Below we share some popular myths about chimney cleanings that you need to know the truth about.

    Chimney InspectionThe best person to clean my chimney is me….

    Many homeowners have been cleaning their chimneys for years without issue but the best way to ensure a thorough cleaning and a safe chimney is by hiring a professional sweep trained in the practice.  They not only have the proper tools and supplies to complete the job but also can work efficiently and quickly saving you time on the ladder.

    I can’t get my chimney cleaned in the winter….

    Chimney cleanings can be completed anytime of the year.  Although the sweeping process is typically done in the spring/fall months, professionals are trained to handle any situation.  Don’t wait until next season, get it done today.

    I just moved into a new home so I can wait until the next cleaning….

    Unless you have documented proof that a sweep was recently completed, you should have your new home’s chimney swept.  First, you have no way of identifying the last time is has been cleaned.  Second, there is no way to determine the type of wood the previous owners used and what their burning habits were.  Even if you are not experiencing foul odors or burning problems, a good chimney sweep by a professional is the best course of action when moving into a new place.

    I just installed in a chimney liner so I don’t need the chimney swept anymore….

    Although installing a quality stainless steel or aluminum liner is a great step in creating a more efficient, safe fire, your burning practices and habits remain the same.  The chimney still needs to be swept on a regular basis to remove the soot that has accumulated.  In fact, some liner manufacturers will void the warranty of a liner if they can prove you neglected cleaning the chimney.

    If common myths have lead you to ignore your fireplace, take time to schedule a quality chimney by Lindemann Chimney Service today.  We offer complete chimney inspections and cleanings throughout the northeastern Chicago suburbs.  Offering professional services since 1969, we are one of the area’s most trusted chimney experts.

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