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  • Chimney Crowns – Your Chimneys First Line of Defense

    Chimney Crowns – Your Chimneys First Line of Defense


    You may be wondering, “What is a Chimney Crown? What does it do?” The crown is the grey masonry concrete at the top of your chimney. It is actually similar to a crown on your tooth since it protects the “structure” below to keep it from being damaged.Chimney Crown_Damage

    Water can erode masonry structures. A prime example is the Grand Canyon, although it took several centuries to happen. However, your chimney is exposed to more volatile conditions than the Grand Canyon. A chimney is cold on the outside, and when being used, is warm on the inside. This causes it to actually expand and contract. When water that’s penetrated a masonry surface freezes, it expands, causing damage.

    A chimney crown is your first defense against many potential chimney problems. There are various types of crown damage that needs to be repaired such as hairline cracks, large cracks, broken or missing sections of the crown, improperly built crowns, crowns built of defective materials, erosion of the flue tile from the outside in and other structural issues.ColdWeatherCrownCoatOutsideW

    When we come to clean your chimney, we will also inspect your chimney crown for damage and construction defects. This first line of defense, your crown, will keep protecting your chimney for years to come. For further protection, consider a chimney cap to keep rain out of the flue tile. If you have a fireplace, consider an energy efficient chimney top damper like the Energy Top to control heated/cooled air loss and save on your energy bill. You will be saving money on future repairs.

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