Chimney Maintenance Tips for the Summer
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  • Chimney Maintenance Tips for the Summer

    Chimney Maintenance Tips for the Summer


    The sunshine and warmth of summer days are finally here to drive away the last remnants of cold in the air. In between enjoying the warm weather activities, the summer time is also a prime time to knock out important fireplace prep work before the seasonal shift rolls through once more. Taking advantage of the higher temps and more predictable weather can alleviate a lot of headaches before the cold sets back in, so consider tackling these items before relaxing in the sun.

    Keep Out the Critters

    Warmth means animals and insects alike are awake and on the prowl, looking for new spots to set-up as stable homes. Take the time now to look at your chimney cap, or installing one if you don’t already have one, as it will be the first line of defense in keeping unwanted residents from moving into your chimney and fireplace before the chilly fall.

    Tackle Bigger Repairs and Projects

    With the nicer weather, it will be easier to start and complete major chimney repairs or fireplace replacements, as there will be less of a need to pause for climate issues, as well as being able to more easily schedule time with certified chimney professionals who can complete the work.

    Knock-Out Fireplace Odors

    If it has been a while since your last chimney cleaning, and you notice an odd odor coming from the fireplace, the chances are high that there is creosote build-up that needs to be removed. Higher summer humidity allows moisture to mix with the creosote build-up, throwing off a pungent aroma. Scheduling an annual chimney cleaning will remedy any odor issues emanating from your fireplace.

    Schedule a Safety Inspection

    While an annual cleaning is on the table, an annual safety inspection goes hand-in-hand. These will be easier to schedule over the summer, as chimney professionals have more leeway in their schedules, and can more easily work with you to find the most convenient time. A safety inspection will help catch any potential issues early on, and completing it over the summer provides ample time to take care of said issues before you really need to use your fireplace.

    As you plan out ways to make the most of your summer weekends, remember the advantages to tackling necessary fireplace maintenance early. The sooner the fireplace maintenance responsibilities are taken care of, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy your summer and fall, worry-free, safe and sound! To get a jump on any fireplace issues, or to schedule your annual cleaning, turn to Lindemann Chimney & Fireplace, chimney experts operating since 1969. Their team is available and eager to tackle all fireplace questions and concerns, so feel free to give them a call at (847) 739-4199, or reach out online through the online scheduling portal

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