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  • Chimney Myths and Misconceptions

    Chimney Myths and Misconceptions


    At Lindemann Chimney Service, we want our customers to be adequately informed on how to best to use and enjoy their fireplace. Unfortunately, there are many myths when it comes to the safe operation of this important aspect of the home. Here are some common ones we hear:

    Myth #1: DIY chimney cleaning is easy; I just need to watch a YouTube video….
    You see DIY chimney cleaning videos all across YouTube. Their titles usually go something like this: “Clean Your Chimney in 3 Easy Steps”. While the thought of saving yourself maintenance costs is tempting, tackling this chore on your own is rarely the best idea. One chimney can hold several 5-gallon containers of creosote. Are you ready to clean all that out? Professional chimney sweeps like Lindemann Chimney Service have the tools and experience to do the job and do it right.

    Myth #2: You only need to be concerned about major brick and mortar problems….
    Many homeowners only begin to address their mortar and brick issues when they have become too large to ignore. Even minimal damages should be addressed right away. This not only keeps your unit safe to use but can also stop the progression of the damage. Taking care of problem areas right away is always your best course of action.

    Myth #3: A chimney inspection isn’t necessary if you don’t use your fireplace….
    Even if you don’t use your chimney, it still should be inspected and cleaned on an annual basis. Birds and animals can take refuge in the flue causing unseen damage inside. Moisture can enter the chimney causing leaks in other areas of the home and mold growth inside the area. Uncovering these problems before they turn into large repairs will save you time and money down the road.

    Myth #4: A low-priced cleaning and inspection offer homeowners the best value….
    Generally speaking, you don’t want to hire your chimney sweep based on a door-to-door sales pitch. And a low-priced $29.95 cleaning isn’t typically the best deal. In fact, hiring the wrong company for the job can leave your home vulnerable and further at risk. It is always best to hire a reputable, local chimney sweep company such as Lindemann Chimney Service for your chimney repairs and service. Well-established in the community, we have a proven record of providing the best care to our customers.

    If these myths have lead you to neglect your chimney don’t hesitate any longer on hiring a complete chimney cleaning and inspection by one of Lindemann’s certified sweeps. Whether you need brickwork by one of our master mason’s or simply want the chimney walls cleaned of creosote buildup, we have services to meet every need. As one of Chicago’s most trusted chimney cleaning teams, we promise to always provide the service and care your home deserves.

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