How to Get Your Chimney Ready for Fall & Winter – Start by Inspecting
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  • How to Get Your Chimney Ready for Fall & Winter – Start by Inspecting

    How to Get Your Chimney Ready for Fall & Winter – Start by Inspecting


    With summer quickly coming to a close and leaves in some parts of the country already starting to turn their beautiful golden, orange, and red hues, homeowners are starting to think about getting their chimneys ready for the burning season. One of the most important steps in this process involves chimney inspection, and you can learn more below.

    Why Inspect Before the Burning Season?

    Chimney and fireplace inspection is vital to your chimney’s function. Without it, you may experience fires, chimney leaks, and more. Ensuring that your chimney is safe long before you need to heat your home is one of the best ways to keep you and your family safe. If you wait until after the winter season ends, it may be too late. For the best results, have your chimney cleaning and inspection services done in the spring during the slow season, and your chimney will remain in perfect condition until winter comes.

    Check Your Fireplace

    Next on the list involves checking your fireplace, which can help improve its efficiency and boost safety at the same time. Most companies will provide fireplace inspection along with their chimney services, but there are some things you can watch for all year long, too. These include:

    • Ensuring your damper is operational;
    • Checking the masonry for wear, loose bricks, and cracks;
    • Looking in the smoke chamber to check for soot buildup; and
    • Ensuring you have the right tools in good condition to control your fires.

    If you notice any problems at all, contact a professional for fireplace inspection and repair right away. A failed damper or worn masonry can pose serious problems to your health and safety.

    Pay Attention to the Chimney Cap

    Winter precipitation can be unpredictable, but there is one thing that is certain – a failed chimney cap will cause serious issues through the winter. This cap is designed to prevent water from rain or melting ice and snow from falling into your chimney. If the cap fails, water could enter your fireplace, or even worse, the area between your chimney masonry and liner. This can cause serious damage if not repaired quickly, so be sure that you consider the chimney cap when it comes to chimney and fireplace inspection.

    Get a Thorough Chimney Cleaning

    Following your chimney and fireplace inspection, it is important to start the cold season with a clean chimney that is free from creosote and soot buildup. This will reduce your risk of chimney fires due to creosote, which is flammable and hazardous to your health. Chimney cleaning and inspection can be done on the same day, which makes things even more convenient for you and your family. Never depend on chemicals or creosote logs alone to clean your chimney as these will not do a thorough job.

    Getting ready for fall and winter may involve switching out your wardrobe, ensuring your home’s furnace is in good working order, and even cleaning out your gutters before the leaves start to fall. Don’t overlook the importance of chimney cleaning, and be sure to schedule chimney and fireplace inspection, as well. This will provide you with the ultimate peace of mind as you warm yourself by the fire this winter.

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