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  • Chimney Repair Work – Before and After Photos

    Chimney Repair Work – Before and After Photos


    At Lindemann Chimney Service we have masonry artesians here on the Northern Shore of Chicago that can repair your chimney. Even those chimneys that seem hopeless with major damage like the photo, below left.

    This chimney was “repaired” with the “band-aid” approach. Instead of fixing the problem, someone coated the outside of the chimney with some type of material. It obviously failed. The chimney on the right is the same chimney that was rebuilt by our masonry specialist. It was relined with a stainless steel liner to confine the damaging source and later topped off with a chimney cap to prevent entry of debris and animals.

    The chimney in the photo, below left, had damage in the mortar joints. Mortar was missing, it had suffered moisture damage, black creosote spread through the joints and brick. It’s obvious that someone had tried to repair it. The photo on the right is the same chimney, with the source of the problems eliminated. We rebuilt it from just above the roof line and later installed a chimney cap.

    So don’t despair if your chimney is in need of repair! Our masons can repair your chimney and get you back in the game. Just contact us for more information.

    Posted by Karen Stickels Lamansky, Author of Design Ideas for Fireplaces, published by Creative Homeowner Press.

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