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Smart Scan In UseMany people still think of the chimney sweep as the sooty guy on the roof wearing a top hat. Well, that’s not likely today. Successful chimney sweeps now use the latest technology such as smart phones, digital cameras, a chim-scan and computers to diagnose the condition of your chimney during an inspection. The industry is changing fast and we here at Lindemann Chimney Service are right on top of it. All of our technicians are equipped with the latest and best technology available to provide complete, accurate chimney inspections. Chimney video inspection systems are expensive but we think you are worth it. When you have your chimney swept or inspected the acceptable practice is to have a chimney video inspection. Anything less and the job is not done right.

Why do I need my chimney flue scanned?

Masonry chimneys are built of bricks and clay flue tiles. A chimney sweep can only see a small distance into the flue with a flashlight. Only a chimney inspection done with a video scan can uncover defects that could be dangerous. Prefabricated chimneys can rust and deteriorate, especially if the installation is faulty. Sometimes it can be a brand new home that has an improperly built chimney. Whatever the problem, if there is one, you want to know. Gaps, cracks or separations in the chimney flue prevent the chimney from containing the products of combustion. Carbon monoxide, heat, and sparks can escape into the surrounding combustible surfaces behind your fireplace and flue. Fortunately technology has caught up with the problem and solutions are now available. We can put in a stainless steel liner and fix the problem permanently. More about Liners We can also seal the smoke chamber and make it safe. Maybe a Heat Shield® liner application is the answer. More about Heat Shield Or, you may want to have an Energy Efficient Gas Insert Installed. More about Gas Fireplace Inserts There are companies out there that will tell you that you don’t need a scan. They may not have the equipment to do it but whatever their reason for saying that, they are wrong! Video inspections are necessary for your safety and peace of mind.

Don’t settle for less than a complete and thorough chimney inspection with a video scan. Ordinary chimney cleaning equipment cannot detect hidden dangers. Lindemann Chimney Service provides a video scan with every chimney cleaning. We are proud to provide Chimney Sweeping and Video inspections to the following Chicagoland communities.

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