Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning - Why Now is the Time to Do it While it's Still Warm in Chicago
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  • Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning – Why Now is the Time to Do it While it’s Still Warm in Chicago

    Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning – Why Now is the Time to Do it While it’s Still Warm in Chicago


    Are you one of the many Lake Bluff, Highland Park or other surrounding Northshore Chicago area homeowners who are putting off chimney cleaning? If so, you may want to rethink that decision-here are a few reasons to go ahead and schedule an appointment now.

    #1. You will not get caught off guard by an early cold snap

    When the first cold snap of the season will occur is anybody’s guess. Once that day does arrive, you’ll naturally want to curl up in front of a roaring fire. That’s something we highly advise against unless you have had a chimney cleaning within the past twelve months. Contact us now, and you can sit back with a warm cup of pumpkin spice latte while everyone else is scrambling to get service.

    #2. Rain, snow, high winds, and sleet keep technicians off the roof

    The closer we get to winter, the greater the odds are that this area will encounter rain, sleet, snow, or high winds. All of these things make getting on a roof unsafe, and can keep our technicians from visiting your property. Schedule an appointment while the weather is warm to ensure that you and our chimney sweeps are all safe.

    #3. The days are getting shorter

    Unfortunately, colder weather also means that the days are getting shorter. As a result, we have fewer hours during the day to devote to chimney cleaning. Each day, our earliest appointment begins when it is fully daylight, and our last one is scheduled for an hour or so before sunset.  If you desire a late afternoon or early morning appointment, it is imperative you contact us now.

    #4. You can root out critters that might be hibernating

    This time of year, many wild animals such as squirrels, possums, and chipmunks begin looking for a warm place to hide away in. Chimneys naturally attract these creatures, since they are small, well insulated, and often in direct sunlight. Once inside, they may leave droppings behind that can pose a health hazard. You probably won’t realize that animals are nesting unless you have a professional inspection performed. If critters are hiding, it’s best to remove them now while they can still find an alternative habitat that is suitable.

    #5. It will make the holidays less hectic

    The thought of entertaining guests often spurs people to consider having a chimney cleaning done. As such, a good number of our Chicago area clients never think about calling us until they are in the middle of making their Thanksgiving or Christmas plans. Once the holidays roll around, you are already inundated with things to do, and do not need one more item to worry about. Check this chore off your to-do list now, and you will find things are a bit less frantic once the holidays do arrive.

    Just because it’s still warm outside does not mean you should put off chimney cleaning. In fact, now is the ideal time to schedule an appointment. Don’t wait-contact Lindemann today to ensure your fireplace is ready to go once winter arrives.

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