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  • Chimney Top Dampers Can Save You Money!

    Chimney Top Dampers Can Save You Money!


    At Lindemann Chimney Service in Northern Chicago we try to save you money while helping to preserve and protect your chimney. Traditional masonry fireplace dampers are made with a metal-to-metal seal. They are also made of cast-iron which is prone to rusting and can also warp. Even at best, the roughness of the cast-iron can’t guarantee a good tight seal. Cold air is bound to come down the chimney and at times, heated room air may be lost up the chimney. Or, in the summer, hot air may be drawn into the room, causing your air conditioning to work harder.  Energy Top Gasket

    As you can see in this photo, the Energy Top and Energy Top + Dampers have a soft, pliable rubber gasket. This gasket conforms to the damper surface creating a tight seal. This seal could save you hundreds on your utility bill. These dampers are made of aluminum and stainless steel so they won’t rust. In fact, they include a lifetime warranty.Energy Top DG Open BEmail

    These dampers are easy to use. We install the damper on the chimney top and a stainless steel bracket drops down the flue and secures into a bracket that we install in your firebox. To open you just pull on the cable and release. To close the damper, just pull down and secure the handle into the bracket. We will be happy to show you how this works.

    For more information on chimney dampers please call us at 847-918-7994 or click here to contact us.

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