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  • Choosing the Right Firewood

    Choosing the Right Firewood


    gas-logs-05Want to take control of your fire’s efficiency and how much heat it produces? Looking for ways to improve the overall experience of a roaring fire in the home? While how well your fireplace functions is mainly controlled by its structural effectiveness along with proper maintenance, you too can control how hot the heat gets. Taking time to learn more about the right firewood for your unit and that proper way to store that wood will help create a pleasant experience in your home’s hearth.

    Here are some firewood tips that every homeowner should know:

    Know the Difference – Make sure you know the difference between dry kindling and “wet” green wood. Green wood can be up to 45% water while seasoned hardwoods contain only 20-25% concentration. Kiln-dried hardwood can more easily extract that water making it more efficient to burn and also creating less creosote in your chimney.

    Selecting the Right Type – Different species of wood will have varying burning properties. Hardwoods will contain more energy that softwoods and are a typical “go-to” for those looking to keep their living space warm. Some types of wood are more fragrant will others burn longer lessening your trips restocking the fire.

    Storing Wood – Keep that firewood investment dry! Store your bundles away from recurring exposure to snow and rain. There also should be ample air-flow throughout the year to make the atmosphere prime for drying. Deter those pesky termites and other critters from damaging your supply by storing it in a shed.

    Did you know that Lindemann Chimney Service offers the Free Firewood for Life Program? As a service to our customers, we provide up to 36 bags of kiln-dried Wisconsin hardwood after each cleaning and the offer is good for three years from the date of service. Stop by our office to learn more about this value-added program.

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