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  • Cleaning and Scanning Your Chimney

    Cleaning and Scanning Your Chimney


    At Lindemann Chimney Service, in Northern Chicago, we take great care of your home when we clean your chimney. In fact, we treat your home just as important as if it were our own home. Because to us you are a valued customer and we would like to do business with you for years to come.

    Cleaning Tarps

    We use a special vacuum with a HEPA filter. It moves huge volumes of air and this filter catches tiny particulate. Canvas drop cloths are used to keep your carpet clean. Gloves help to insure we don’t get anything dirty. We take many other steps to ensure you home is just as clean as when we arrive.

    A video scan of your chimney also helps us to analyze the condition of your chimney. We will show you the video scan and answer any questions that you have. Photos are also taken so we can compare the condition of your chimney from year to year.


    As a customer you are also eligible for free wood for life. It is cut, split, high-quality hardwood and is packaged in clean “burlap-type” bags. Click here for details.

    Posted by Karen Stickels Lamansky, Author of Design Ideas for Fireplaces, published by Creative Homeowner Press

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    By Rob Lindemann

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