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  • Cleaning Soot From the Fireplace Facing

    Cleaning Soot From the Fireplace Facing


    Yes, it can happen to anyone. You reach down to artfully arrange the logs to start your fireplace. Your shirt cuff touches the bottom of the firebox. When you reach up to open the damper, the handle is a little sooty. Without thinking, you stand up, balancing yourself against the front facing of the hearth. That’s when your trouble begins and Lindemann Chimney Service can provide you with some relief.

    Soot can almost always be cleaned up whether it is from hand prints, spilled ashes, or “the brother-in-law who is the fireplace expert”. It could be as easy as using the Soot Eraser – a special dry cleaning sponge made of vulcanized rubber. It does a good job removing soot stains and will also remove a variety of other smudges often found in the playroom.

    We have other professional strength cleaners that can remove stains from brick, stone, fireplace glass, and even the white film build-up on the glass-ceramic windows from gas fireplaces.

    So don’t panic. We’ve got you covered. Just click here to contact us or give us a call and we will be happy to help you solve your problems.

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