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  • Cleaning the Firebox and Emptying the Ashes

    Cleaning the Firebox and Emptying the Ashes


    When it’s time to clean the ashes out of your fireplace or woodstove there are some important things you need to consider. Just because the logs have burned doesn’t mean that the ashes and firebox residue will be cool. Use these safety tips when cleaning up ash after a fire:

    • Use a metal shovel to clean ashes out of the firebox.
    • Empty the ashes and residue into a metal ash bucket with a tight fitting lid.
    • Look for an ash bucket with a double metal bottom.
    • Make sure your ash bucket has a tight-fitting lid.
    • Don’t set the ash bucket on carpet, outside on dry leaves or near anything combustible.
    • Never dump ashes into the trash can with other garbage.
    • Consider a special Hearth Ash Vac designed to make cleanup a breeze.

    Ash Bucket With Shovel Hearth Country Ash Vac

    Always use caution when working with ashes. Coals and ashes can melt through a plastic container causing a fire. A metal container without a lid is a hazard as well as dumping fresh ashes onto the old garden. The wind can whip up and lead to flying embers and sparks that can ignite nearby combustibles.

    When safely stored and disposed of the above scenarios should never be a problem. Wood ashes are desireable to add to a garden. They replace needed nutrients in the soil. By following the above safety tips you can enjoy the benefits of your wood fire safely and enjoy the holiday season.

    Posted by Karen Stickels Lamansky, Author of Design Ideas for Fireplaces, Published by Creative Homeowner Press.

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