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  • Common Sense Tips for Using Your Outdoor Fireplace

    Common Sense Tips for Using Your Outdoor Fireplace


    At Lindemann, we like to provide new perspectives on using fireplaces. People often think they have more leeway when using their outside fireplace. That’s not necessarily true. Whether it’s a fire pit, a portable fireplace or an upscale outside fireplace there are very important considerations for using and maintaining these fireplaces.

    Outdoor fireplaces should not be used in windy conditions. Sparks can travel quite a distance in the wind and can ignite anything combustible – leaves, homes, wood, shingles, etc.

    Ashes that are not properly disposed of can also ignite combustibles. If the ashes are still warm in any way they can ignite combustibles. A double-bottom ash can with a tight fitting lid is essential for proper ash storage.

    If the ashes are left in the firebox and get dampened or wet they can start to corrode metal or masonry.


    If children are nearby take safety measures to make sure they don’t accidentally fall in the fire and so they can’t access the fire. Never leave them around a fire unsupervised.

    Never leave an outdoor fire unattended. Make sure it is extinguished when you are done using it.

    Always make sure your outside fireplace chimney is cleaned along with your indoor fireplace. A build-up of creosote can ignite an outdoor fireplace leading to shooting spanks and soot. Again, this could ignite outside combustibles.

    Fireplace by the pool

    A chimney inspection during the cleaning should turn up any potential problems which can be addressed before problems arise.

    Having a fire in an outside fireplace is nothing more than having some control over an outside fire. By using common sense, not having fires on windy days and never leaving the fire unattended you should be able to enjoy your “outdoor living room” experience with your family and friends.

    Posted by Karen Stickels Lamansky, author of Design Ideas for Fireplaces, published by Creative Homeowner Press.

    By Rob Lindemann

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