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  • Complete Chimney Care: Three Tasks You Need to Do Annually

    Complete Chimney Care: Three Tasks You Need to Do Annually


    When the heat of summer hits, we often forget about the fireplace completely. Only when the cooler days return do we remember how important our fireplace and chimney are to the home. Just like many aspects of the home, the chimney needs regular care to function properly. Take time this summer to schedule these three annual tasks every homeowner should complete. Doing so will ensure you are ready to use your unit when the fall and winter return.

    1. Schedule a chimney inspection
    The chimney flue is one aspect of the home which can’t be easily seen or inspected. For this reason, most homeowners are unaware of the overall health of the chimney. Cracked liners, broken refractory panels, and crumbling mortar can all be hiding behind those flue walls. A chimney inspection by a certified sweep like Lindemann Chimney Service will help you uncover any hidden dangers.

    2. Complete a chimney cleaning
    Creosote buildup is serious business. Not only does it lead to inefficient fires, it can also create a hazardous and dangerous situation inside the flue. Because of its high combustibility, excessive amounts of creosote can allow chimney fires to easily begin. An annual chimney cleaning removes the buildup from the flue walls reducing the likelihood of an in-home fire.

    3. Assess the flashing and chimney crown
    The flashing and chimney crown are both important aspects of the overall chimney. When they become faulty or begin to deteriorate, water can leak into the home causing damage from the top of the attic down to the bottom of the basement. Because of how they are constructed, both flashing and the chimney crown can quickly show signs of wear. Make sure to check them annually to ensure they are offering your home the protection it needs.

    At Lindemann Chimney Service we offer a full-range of chimney installation and repair services. From yearly maintenance tasks like chimney cleanings and inspections to more specialized repairs, our team of professionals carries with them years of experience and know-how to tackle any job. Contact us today to see how we can help get your home ready for winter. We make scheduling your cleaning or inspection easy through our online appointment page.

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