Typical Damage that May Occur if Your Chimney Masonry has Leaks
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  • Typical Damage that May Occur if Your Chimney Masonry has Leaks

    Typical Damage that May Occur if Your Chimney Masonry has Leaks


    Dealing with a leak in your chimney masonry is never a fun scenario, but catching it as early as possible can save you from several potential headaches. As you start to take a look at the inside and outside of your chimney, here a few major signs to watch out for that will tip you off to the presence of a chimney leak in your home.

    Wet/Mildew Smell

    An unpleasant odor is a fast way to determine something is wrong before you can see the issue. A damp, mildew, or musty scent near your chimney will let you know that water has somehow found its way within the chimney itself, and that it’s time to locate the source of the moisture. This can often be associated with a dripping sound coming from within the chimney as well. 

    Brown Spots on the Ceiling

    If moisture makes its way through the masonry in your chimney, it can also find its way into your ceiling. This could result in water spots emerging, generally brown or slightly yellow, staining areas in close proximity to the chimney. This same moisture could also partially soak into wood beams or insulation in the same areas.

    Rusting Firebox and Damper

    Water leaking and dripping onto metal dampers and fireboxes will, over time, erode the outer layers and create rust. Once rust sets into metal pieces within your fireplace, they will need to be properly replaced before the fireplace can once again be safely used.

    Spalling and Structural Issues

    Moisture seeping into masonry will break down the layers between the stone and brick, causing the stonework to deteriorate structurally. Not only does this hurt the individual pieces, but it can cause the entire chimney to shift or lean. If the chimney has moved enough, this potentially creates the need for the chimney to be rebuilt completely. 

    Catching issues early-on is a surefire way to avoid costly incidents from masonry leaks, and ensures your fireplace will continue to provide warmth when needed, while preserving its overall longevity. To keep your fireplace in tip-top shape, identify issues before they become problems – and to give your fireplace a fresh cleaning, contact Lindemann Chimney & Fireplace, or schedule your appointment online today.

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