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  • Different Things a Chimney Inspection Can Uncover Before It’s Too Late

    Different Things a Chimney Inspection Can Uncover Before It’s Too Late


    Many homeowners know that an annual chimney cleaning is essential. But are they also aware of the importance of a quality chimney inspection? Just like your car needs regular oil changes and brake checks, our chimneys need to be both maintained and examined on a regular basis.

    Chimney inspection services can uncover a number of different problems including:

    • unusual staining on the inside or outside of the home
    • excessive creosote buildup
    • deteriorating or decaying exterior chimney mortar
    • broken or rusted dampers
    • damaged or faulty chimney liners
    • cracked chimney crowns
    • rusted chimney caps

    Discovering these chimney issues before it’s too late is essential. Early detection can save you the cost of expensive repairs. It can also save you the time and inconvenience of having to undergo a large unexpected project.

    Below are some things for homeowners to consider when scheduling professional chimney inspection services.

    Know What’s Included – You should always be fully-knowledgeable on what is included with your chimney inspection before you commit to a service company. Most companies offer different levels of inspections on your individual needs. It is also important to know if the technician will be capturing pictures or video to document anything unusual they discover.

    Look for a Professional with Experience – Experience matters when it comes to the chimney partner you choose. Technicians should be certified by the most recognized organization in the industry – the Chimney Safety Institute of America or CSIA. They should also be full-insured and bring with them expert tools to complete the work.

    Chimney Cleanings are Essential too – Don’t forget that chimney cleanings are just as critical to a healthy system. Chimney cleanings should be completed a minimum of once per year or more if the fireplace is often used. To offer our customers the best in care, Lindemann Chimney Service includes a level 2 NFPA chimney inspection with every cleaning we complete.

    Not sure how healthy your chimney is? Call Lindemann Chimney Service today to schedule your chimney inspection. Our CSIA-certified technicians are experienced at offering complete and thorough inspections for chimneys of every size and age. We offer the excellence you are looking for in your next Chicago professional chimney partner.

    Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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