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  • Direct Vent Fireplaces Offer Both Warmth & Convenience

    Direct Vent Fireplaces Offer Both Warmth & Convenience


    With a winter that seems to be never-ending, many of our customers are looking to add warmth to non-traditional rooms but not sure where to start. While many may think of the traditional brick and mortar gas fireplace installation, the direct vent fireplace may be the perfect solution to a chilly living space. Not only are these units easy to install, they feature both convenience and ease of use not to mention a comforting, toasty fire.

    What are Direct Vent Fireplaces?

    Without the need for a chimney, direct vent fireplaces utilize either vertical or horizontal vents to heat the home while dispersing byproducts outside. Functioning as a closed system, these units have fire chambers which are sealed off from the rest of the house.

    How do Direct Vent Fireplaces work?

    Direct Vent fireplaces use gas as their fuel while drawing in air from the vent to provide the oxygen needed for combustion. Using this same vent, carbon monoxide and other toxins are then released outside. The units often feature a glass front much like a typical gas fireplace.

    Direct Vent FireplaceWhat are some advantages of Direct Vent Fireplaces?

    Energy Efficiency – Direct Vent fireplaces are energy efficient for a number of reasons. First, they consistently provide the optimum amount of oxygen for combustion. Also, due to the closed system, very little heat is lost through the chimney or other leaky areas.

    Simple & Convenient – Able to be turned on and off with the just a flip of a switch, direct vent fireplaces are both easy to use and convenient. Since there is no recurring soot or creosote created, these units are also virtually effortless to maintain.

    Safe to Use – Dispersing hazardous carbon monoxide outdoors, direct vent fireplaces are very safe to use. Much like a gas fireplace, they also feature a closed front eliminating the risk of burning embers sparking in the living space.

    If you are looking to add a warming unit to an area of the home lacking a chimney, you may want to consider a direct vent fireplace. At Lindemann Chimney Service, our team offers a number of installation and renovation services including the set-up of direct vent systems. If you would like to learn more about how a direct vent system can help add heat and warmth to your home, contact us today!

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