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  • Don’t Wait Until Fall For a Chimney Inspection — Fix the Issues Now!

    Don’t Wait Until Fall For a Chimney Inspection — Fix the Issues Now!


    Around the time the leaves begin to change and pumpkins appear in the seasonal décor, the thought of a crackling fire in a warm fireplace feels just right. Completing that cozy picture, though, will mean making sure your fireplace is cleaned and prepped for the beginning of warming season. While the fall isn’t a bad a time to take a look at your chimney and fireplace, the best way to make sure you’re ready for the next chilly season is by being ahead of the game, and making sure any potential issues are taken care of early-on. Here are some reasons to consider scheduling that annual chimney inspection and cleaning over the summer rather than putting it off until the last minute.


    Over the summer months, chimney professionals are more flexible in scheduling, allowing them to more easily work around your schedule. This takes undue stress off of trying to move other commitments around to make sure your fireplace is in tip-top condition as soon as you want to use it.

    Repair Times

    Taking advantage of the more temperate weather means any issues that require repairs can be completed more quickly, rather than working around inclement conditions. It also provides ample time before warming season if larger repairs need to be completed, with no worry about needing the extra warmth, but not having immediate access to it.

    Peace of Mind

    Few things feel better than knowing you have nothing to worry about. Completing a fireplace inspection and cleaning over the summer alleviates any pressure or worry about the state of your fireplace well before you need to use the fireplace, and when the time comes where you want that cozy affect from your household hearth, you can light a fire stress-free, able to bask in the glow with maximum comfort knowing you’re safe and sound.

    The summer is here before we know it, and gone faster than we wish, so it’s best to take advantage of the dog days, and strike while the iron is hot. If you haven’t yet scheduled your annual chimney inspection and cleaning, reaching out to Lindemann Chimney & Fireplace ensures you’re in safe hands. Lindemann has been providing quality service since 1969, and they’re ready to assist you with any fireplace needs! Give them a call at (847) 739-4199, or reach out online through the online scheduling portal

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