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  • Dry Weather Chimney Conditions

    Dry Weather Chimney Conditions


    With these hot temperatures and dryer than normal weather in Northern Chicago, home and masonry chimney foundations can shift and become damaged. There is a way you can prevent damage to these foundations.Foundation Crack

    Many soils act as a sponge. As they absorb water, they swell and as they lose water they shrink. During the summer the soil around the foundation tends to dry out and shrink. In the winter, spring and fall months when there’s a lot of rain, the soil absorbs water and swells again.

    During the swelling and shrinking with the seasons these foundations move up and down. As long as the movement is minimal it is not a problem. Or if this up and down movement always returns the foundations to the original level position then the damage can appear and disappear on a regular basis as the seasons change.

    To stop this movement action can be taken in the form of a controlled watering program. A soaker hose laid at least 6” from the foundation will allow for moisture distribution and even soaking of the soil. Water right next to the foundation could trickle through the cracks around the foundation and accumulate at the base of the foundation. This could actually cause problems with the foundation.

    If in doubt, contact a structural engineer for an evaluation of your homes foundation. We would be happy to inspect your chimney for foundation issues. If the chimney has these problems and continues to move it can become damaged and can even cause damage to the home. To contact us please call 847-739-4199 or click here to contact us.

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