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  • Enjoying Your Fireplace This Thanksgiving

    Enjoying Your Fireplace This Thanksgiving


    Everything is perfect. The table is set with your best china and sparkling crystal glasses. The food is keeping warm and the music is gently flowing in the background. The ambiance of the woodburning fireplace completes the picture with the gentle warmth emanating from the opening and the occasional crackle as the fire burns brightly. Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and gathering with family and friends. This Thanksgiving we invite you to enjoy your fireplace with these great tips: dreamstime xs_23005417

    Wood – Begin your fire with seasoned dry wood. Unseasoned or wet wood stored in the open has more moisture. Before the wood can ignite it needs to drive the moisture out in the form of steam. This makes the fire burn cooler, resulting in cooler slower draft and more creosote buildup. Ask us about our Free Wood For Life program. This wood is clean, dry and ready to go and the best part is that it’s free as long as you are a customer.

    Usage – Make sure your fireplace damper is fully open when starting a fire. Keeping the damper and glass doors fully open helps the fire burn brighter. Always close your fireplace screens or use a standing spark screen when burning a fire. Sparks can travel several feet. Never leave a fire unattended, especially with pets and children around. Appoint someone to keep an eye on the fireplace when guests are present. Parents that don’t have a fireplace may not keep as good an eye on their children as they should. Make sure there are no trip hazards near the fireplace opening that could cause someone to fall against the fireplace.

    Clean-Up – Do not close the damper until you are absolutely sure the fire is out. If there are still coals, carbon monoxide could come back into the room. Dispose of the ashes in a properly designed ash bucket with a tight fitting metal lid, keeping this container away from all combustible materials. When dumping the ashes keep in mind that ashes and embers can retain enough heat to start a fire for several days so thoroughly wet the ashes to make sure there are no live embers and that they are out. Never dump the ashes (even though you’ve wet them) on a combustible surface or on a windy day. Any embers you may have missed can re-ignite in a wind, causing a fire.

    A Clean Chimney – A dirty chimney with creosote build-up can cause a chimney fire so make sure it’s inspected and cleaned, if necessary, at least once a year. Creosote is very flammable and can burn very hot, causing damage to the chimney structure and nearby parts of the home or combustibles. If a chimney fire is suspected, make sure everyone leaves the home and call the fire department once you are outside away from the home.

    Enjoy the ambiance your fireplace adds to your holiday celebrations and celebrate the blessings this holiday season brings. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for us to inspect and clean your chimney, please click here or call us at 847-739-4199. In addition, we have this Fireplace Trouble-shooting Page that will also provide you with some answers during the evenings, weekend and holidays if we aren’t available. Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!


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