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  • Fireplace Ash Disposal

    Fireplace Ash Disposal


    A crackling, cozy fireplace provides a beautiful focal point for holiday entertaining. But just as the clean-up of dishes, vacuuming and sweeping comes after the guests leave, so does the clean-up of fireplace ashes.

    Many fires are caused by improper disposal of ashes. People tend to think that the ashes will be cool by the next morning when in reality, it take up to 4 days or more for ashes too cool.

    The best way to properly dispose of ashes is to put them in an ash bucket designed for this purpose. This type of bucket should have a double bottom and a tight fitting lid. When the ashes are placed in the bucket the lid should be secured tightly and taken to a destination with a non-combustible surface. Then they should be wetted with water to make sure they are out. Ash Bucket

    Here are some of the most common causes of fires in relation to improper ash disposal:

    • Ashes put in cardboard boxes ignite the box.
    • Ashes put in a paper or plastic bag typically don’t even make it out of the house without igniting or melting and dropping hot embers on the floor.
    • Ashes put in garbage cans with combustibles that ignite
    • Ashes that are disposed of on a windy day when ashes/embers get whipped up, become hot and ignite combustibles that they are blown into.
    • Hot ashes/embers that are dumped on combustibles like wood, dry grass or other materials.
    • Hot ashes/embers stored right next to a shed or building or dumped next to a deck, fence or other combustible structure.
    • Never store an ash bucket on a wooden deck or other combustible structure.
    • Never vacuum up ashes with a vacuum cleaner.

    Always use common sense when disposing of ashes. Pretend they are still hot because there are likely some hot embers or coals in that pile of ashes.

    Please follow these tips when dealing with your fireplace ashes this year and enjoy using your fireplace for those warm, cozy evenings with family and friends. For more information on your fireplace or to have your fireplace and chimney cleaned, please call us at 847-739-4199 or click here to contact us.

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