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Fireplace Liners

Your fireplace is a source of comfort and relaxation as well as the focal point for family gatherings and celebrations.
Our service technicians are dedicated to making sure your fireplace is safe and that it delivers optimum performance.

Your certified chimney specialist will be able to show you pictures and explain in detail the reasons you need a fireplace liner. Understanding the reasons a liner is recommended is going to help you make the best investment decision for your home and your peace of mind.

New technology coupled with advanced standards and practices have changed the way we look at your chimney and fireplace. Our technicians are continually being educated in the updated chimney standards and safety.

Just a few years ago it was not a common practice for a chimney sweep to scan your flue with every cleaning, however, technology is moving forward in all industries and ours is no different. We now scan every chimney we clean. In doing so, we can find hidden defects that we didn’t know were there before.

We are using the most sophisticated equipment available to ensure your comfort and safety.

Continuing education is part of our culture as a company.

Advanced technology such as the “Chim Scan” has become a standard in our industry and the pictures are now clearer and more defining than ever. Chimney fires can destroy the integrity of the fireplace flue. Deterioration is commonly caused by age, moisture and poor maintenance. Then there are animals, lightning and storms that can cause damage you may never notice.

When we install a fireplace flue liner we use only the best stainless steel flexible fireplace liner available on the market today. We then insulate that liner with “Thermix” insulation.

The next step is removing the obsolete throat damper so we can “parge” the smoke chamber and then we install a new Energy Top Plus Damper. This process guarantees that your fireplace flue is in optimum condition for burning wood. The fireplace liner has a lifetime warranty and the Lindemann name to back it up.

What is Parging?

Parging simply means we are going to apply a coat of Refractory Mortar (ChamberTech 2000) to the brick surfaces of the chimney’s smoke chamber to make the surface smooth.

The purpose of this is twofold. First, the smooth surface allows the smoke to draft up the chimney more efficiently. Second, the refractory cement fills in any cracks or holes that may have existed in the smoke chamber ensuring your chimney meets the standard for clearance to combustibles. This, in turn, is the heat protection you need for the hottest section of your fireplace.

education education

This is the smoke chamber looking up to the chimney flue. You can see bricks with holes in them and missing mortar in the image on the left. Heat and sparks can escape into the combustible surfaces behind the smoke chamber.

Now that the chamber is sealed in the image on the right and the fireplace liner is in place, smoke can flow smoothly up the chimney. There are no cracks or holes to endanger your home from heat, sparks or flue gasses.

What is Thermix?

Thermix is an insulation that not only holds your fireplace liner in place but insulates your chimney for better performance.

The insulation comes in bags and is mixed with water on site and poured into the void between your new liner and the surrounding chimney. Visit our chimney liner page for more information.

Lindemann Chimney Service is a leader in chimney flue lining technology and has been lining fireplace flues in the following communities and surrounding areas since the 1980’s.

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