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  • Furnace Chimneys

    Furnace Chimneys


    Have you had your furnace chimney inspected this year? Up her on the Northern Shore of Chicago and Southern Wisconsin our furnace chimneys are exposed to a pretty harsh environment. As per the Chimney Safety Institute of America, Lindemann Chimney Service

    When moisture enters the chimney from the exterior it can wreck havoc on your chimney. This could be due to lack of a rain cap, damaged mortar joints, spongy brick, a cracked chimney crown, a leaky chimney or other problems. In our area, when moisture freezes it expands and can cause cracks and damage to appear or worsen. We are in a prime freeze/thaw zone.

    Moisture can be found in the chimney from other sources. For every cubic foot of gas burned it can produce two cubic feet of water vapor. If the furnace pulls in chlorides from the laundry, fluorides from new carpet or other fumes it mixes with moisture to create hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, etc. This can eat at the interior of the chimney flue and damage mortar joints as it moves to the exterior. It can also wreck havoc in freeze/thaw conditions.


    Chimney blockages are another problem that can occur. Without a chimney cap birds nests, squirrel nests, bees nests, wasp nests, chimney debris, leaves and other types of debris can all accumulate in a chimney. If this fills up the thimble area at the bottom this could block off the area where the vent enters the chimney.

    Sometimes new appliances may be incorrectly vented. This can lead to quite a few problems with the furnace and/or water heater not venting correctly.

    The results of operating a furnace chimney with damage can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you or your family. Our team will visually inspect your chimney with state-of-the-art video inspection equipment. With this equipment we can pinpoint problem areas and make repair recommendations if needed. To have your chimney inspected and cleaned or repaired, if needed, please contact us by clicking here or call us at 847-739-4199.

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