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Furnace Flue Liners

Each year thousands of modern gas appliances are vented into outdated masonry chimneys resulting in poor draft excessive water vapor and corrosion of the flue tiles and chimney surfaces.

Water vapor, a normal by-product of combustion condenses on the cool inside surfaces of masonry chimneys. The moisture is then absorbed and transferred through the wall resulting in water stains, peeling paint and damaged wallpaper.


You can see how the damaging moisture will break down the structure of the chimney and flue gases escape into the surrounding structure.

With a stainless steel furnace flue liner (left) the dangers are eliminated.


The freeze thaw cycle in the winter causes mortar joints to erode, spalling of the bricks and flue tiles. In severe cases, the chimney erosion will lead to partial or complete internal collapse, blocking the furnace flue and sending poisonous gases into the home.

Fortunately, in many cases, the problems of a deteriorating gas furnace flue can be corrected without completely rebuilding your chimney.

We install only the best Ventinox™ stainless steel furnace flue liners. No short cuts, no inferior materials. You get a lifetime warranty and the high level of service you can always expect from Lindemann Chimney Service. A furnace liner is an investment in the value of your home.

Lindemann Chimney Service has been repairing masonry chimneys and installing furnace chimney liners for over 30 years. Our Nationally Certified Chimney Sweeps have been expertly trained in how to recognize danger signs and deterioration in the furnace flue. We are proud to say we have lined several thousand chimney flues in the following communities and their surrounding areas.


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