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  • Going Green: Ten Ways to Make Your Fireplace Eco-Friendly

    Going Green: Ten Ways to Make Your Fireplace Eco-Friendly


    There has been a long-standing debate on the effects that wood burning fireplaces have on the environment.  Some feel they release harmful chemicals and by-products into the atmosphere while others argue that this type of renewable fuel option is a great way to heat the home.  If you love your wood burning fireplace but also want to help preserve Mother Earth, consider these 10 ways to make your fireplace more eco-friendly.Black Fireplace

    1. Use seasoned, dry hardwood for a cleaner burning fire.  Wet, unseasoned wood creates more fine particle pollution.
    2. Make over your mantel using reclaimed wood.
    3. Don’t burn toxins such as treated paper (cardboard paper, particle board), glossy or colored paper, or general trash.
    4. Regularly clean your chimney.  This helps your fireplace burn more efficiently creating less air-polluting by-products.
    5. Reduce the thermometer temperature when using the fireplace.
    6. Consider installing a wood-burning insert for more efficient fires.
    7. If your brick is looking tired and unsightly, consider painting it rather than replacing the bricks and sending them to the landfill.
    8. Use the fire’s leftover ash as a salt substitute for de-icing and traction on your driveway and sidewalks.
    9. Ash can also be used to block garden pests by sprinkling it around the area’s perimeter.
    10. Use natural cleaners such as vinegar to clean the fireplace glass and brick.

    One of the best ways to ensure an environmentally-friendly fireplace is by burning a clean, efficient fire.  Hire a certified professional such as Lindemann Chimney Service to thoroughly clean and inspect your chimney annually.  Removing creosote and other buildup, this service will help keep your fireplace in proper working order while reducing your unit’s carbon footprint.

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