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  • Have You Noticed the Quiet?

    Have You Noticed the Quiet?


    Have you ever walked outside and felt that something didn’t seem right? Then you hear a bird sing and it dawns on you – where’s the other 50 that are usually sounding off as well? That’s your first clue that fall is right around the corner.

    Hummingbirds are back in my area. They come in the spring, then go north for about a month or two and then come back again before migrating south. And it seems a little early this year.

    Old timers had a lot of things they watched for in regards to season changes and weather predictability. Here are just a few of them:


    • Really thick onion skins or corn husks
    • Woodpeckers sharing a tree
    • Early arrival of crickets on the hearth
    • Spiders spinning larger webs than usual
    • A small rust/orange band on a wooly caterpillar
    • Trees laden with green leaves late in the fall
    • Hickory nuts with heavy shells
    • Tree bark heaviest on the north side of the tree
    • Moss growing heavy on the north side of trees
    • Crickets in the chimney
    • Heavy and numerous fogs in August
    • Squirrels gathering nuts early in the year

    You don’t have to be concerned about when winter arrives if you are prepared. Contact us now to make sure your chimney is clean and ready to go before the onset of winter. In fact, we will even provide you with free firewood. Check out our Free Wood for Life program by clicking here.

    Posted by Karen Stickels Lamansky, author of Design Ideas for Fireplaces, published by Creative Homeowner Press.

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